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Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Modernize your city's gas & water meter infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) provides Georgia cities or counties access to our state-wide network in order to read gas meters and water meters remotely. This unique solution in Georgia allows cities to take full advantage of the AMI technology while not having to build their own network infrastructure.

This option reduces the operating costs of your traditional manual reading or drive-by systems. Additionally, by having remotely read meters, near real-time leakage and usage data are provided to help implement water conservation measures.

Webinar Recording

Our AMI team held a webinar for our partners to share how we help municipalities and organizations, throughout the state, improve their water and gas operations. Watch the recording here to learn more!

How does AMI benefit your city and residents?

  • Reduce huge upfront capital costs by allowing Georgia Power to fund the hardware and installation for a monthly service fee
  • Utilize Georgia Power’s statewide AMI with the ability to utilize Georgia Power electric meters to extend signal strength 
  • Reduce uncertainty and aid in troubleshooting any issues through hourly data reads that synchronize to customer's billing system nightly
  • Run reports and view individual usage through secure web access
  • Access to 24-hour network monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting

Customer Options

  • Data package - Georgia Power provides hourly meter reads, data analytics and billing interface on customer-owned compatible meters.          
  • Service and data package – Georgia Power purchases, installs and programs the meters and transmitters, blending the cost into the monthly service fee.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure can benefit a variety of customers.



State, federal and military buildings

Federal, state and military buildings



Grocers and retailers


Data Centers

Water and gas providers

Learn how the City of Darien saved money and water.

Prior to the installation of the AMI system, the city of Darien had a failing water system that resulted in losses of revenue, water and efficiency.

They reached out to Georgia Power’s AMI Team to evaluate its system, determine the loss ratio and provide a comprehensive plan as how to best remedy its dilemma.

The Darien City Manager is “pleased to report that our 'dilemma' has improved significantly, and our enterprise fund is balanced and allowed financing for rehabilitation to our WWTP plant. We also continue to receive customer service from Georgia Power, zero complaints from our residents and enhanced our customer service to them. Wholeheartedly I recommend this technology, customer service and follow through.”

advaned metering

AMI has helped cities all over Georgia improve their water and gas operations, while saving money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can your system detect leaks?

Yes. Through our data reading, we can provide a number of reports, including leak, unbilled consumption and exceptions, to name a few.

Our water meters are really old, and we know they need to be replaced. This seems like a daunting task. How can Georgia Power help?

Georgia Power will fund the purchase and replacement of all necessary hardware and provide a monthly fee back to the city for a term that works for you.  

Our water meters have recently been replaced; however, we are interested in moving to an AMI system. How can Georgia Power help?

Our transmitters are capable of connecting to most meters on the market.  Some hardware change-outs might be necessary, like new meter registers, but with our transmitters reporting data to our towers, the city can easily use our fixed-base AMI network.

I understand that Georgia Power uses a Sensus network. Our meters are from another meter manufacturer. How can Georgia Power help?

Our transmitters can adapt to most meters. Contact us to learn more and discuss your options.

The size of my water meter system is quite large and changing out every meter will be quite costly. Is it possible to complete the work in phases?

Yes. This has been done with several customers, and it allows for the city to ease into the new system by learning the processes needed to get the most out of all the data they are receiving. It also allows for any recognized increase in revenue to aid in future roll-outs.