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Products and Programs

Help your home use energy more efficiently

Georgia Power gives you smart solutions to help your home use energy more efficiently. Find the answers you’re looking, and use this page to learn more about the Products and Programs available to Georgia Power customers, from Lighting and HVAC to energy checkups that identify ways your household can save even more on energy costs.


Home Energy Efficiency Programs

Programs with your comfort, time, and wallet in mind.


Surge Protection

Avoid damage from a lightning strike or power surge. Protect your home with SurgeDefender.

Lighting Program

Home Security & Automation

Monitor and manage your home from a single app.

Lighting Program

Drive Electric

Electric vehicles and equipment are quiet, clean and efficient.



Our goal is to make solar an option for every Georgia Power customer.

Lighting Program

Water Heating

Your home's second largest energy user.

Monitor and manage your home from a single app!

Our preferred partner, Vivint offers professionally installed smart home security. Find peace of mind with a custom-built home security system for your home.

Georgia Power customers will receive*:

  • FREE Doorbell Camera Pro
  • Free Installation
  • $0 Activation

Enroll today! Call 1-855-665-0363 or visit to learn more. Offer ends December 31, 2022 and is subject to change at any time.

*For Professional Installations Only. Offer not valid for DIY (Do it Yourself program).

people looking at thermostat
people looking at thermostat

Visit the Georgia Power Marketplace

We offer a variety of energy efficient options for your home on our Marketplace. You'll find popular products, including the latest in smart thermostats and LED lighting. Enjoy instant rebates on select products as a Georgia Power customer.