Rebates & Incentives

Good news! Qualifying Georgia Power residential customers can take advantage of rebates and incentives.

Heat Pump: Convert From a Natural Gas Furnace to High Efficiency Heat Pump

System Application: Heating and Cooling

Amount: Up to $750


  • Must be a Georgia Power single-family existing customer.
  • Equipment must be installed by a licensed dealer by December 31, 2018, with notification to Georgia power by December 31, 2018
  • Rebate offer cannot be combined with other Georgia Power heating and cooling rebates.

Rebate Submission Process:

  • Contact your HVAC dealer to schedule your heat pump installation.
  • Rebate applications are submitted by your HVAC dealer after install.
  • Rebate dollars should be received within 4-6 weeks after submittal from your HVAC dealer.

Call 1-800-524-2421 for more information.

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LED Lighting

System Application: Lighting

Amount: $2.40-$27

Save money and energy by using energy-efficient LED lighting options. Visit the Georgia Power Marketplace to get instant rebates on LED light bulbs. Learn more about the Lighting Program.

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Drive Electric

Georgia Power customers may be eligible to receive up to a $250 rebate for installing a Level 2 Charger in their home. Rebates are availalble through December 31, 2018.

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HVAC Service

Georgia Power residential customers can receive up to a $50 rebate per unit toward the assessment and servicing of their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit(s) when using a Program Contractor. The enhancements can lead to a more energy-efficient system, saving you energy and money.

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Refrigerator Recycling Program

Recycling has never been so easy! Eliminate your secondary working refrigerator and freezer in an environmentally safe manner and receive a $35 rebate. Learn more about the program.

Please call 1-888-594-8596 or click button to schedule a free pickup.  

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New Home Program

When buying a new home, choose a Georgia Power EarthCents® New Home. Enjoy a home that is more efficient than houses built to current standard building codes, providing you with an annual energy savings of up to $400. 

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Home Energy Improvement

The Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP) helps Georgia Power customers reduce energy use, save on energy costs and improve the indoor air quality and comfort of their homes. Residential customers can earn rebates from Georgia Power for implementing and installing qualifying energy savings improvements.

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Whole House

The Whole House approach promotes a holistic method of reducing electricity use through the installation of multiple prescriptive improvements. The Whole House approach is a three step comprehensive method which assesses all of the systems within your home. Rebates of up to $1,150 are available.

Step 1: Assess

A program participating contractor will use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and software to perform a comprehensive Home Energy Assessment to identify potential savings opportunities and recommend specific energy saving improvements you can make in your home.

Step 2: Improve

Customers then implement and install some or all of the recommended energy saving improvements identified in the Home Energy Assessment conducted in Step 1.

Step 3: Verify

Once the recommended improvements are completed, a program participating contractor will conduct a follow up Home Energy Assessment to evaluate energy savings actually achieved and determine the customer’s rebate eligibility.

Participation in the Whole House Home Energy Improvement Program is limited. Please contact 1-877-310-5607 for additional information.

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Individual Improvements: Multifamily and Single Family

The Individual Improvement Approach is now accepting applications for pre-qualification; customers and contractors may apply online today.  All Single Family and Multifamily Individual Improvements projects require pre-qualification in the online application system to be eligible.


Individual Improvement Approach measures and incentives available are as follows:

Individual Improvement Measures *† 
2018 Single Family Rebates*     
50% of cost up to:
2018 Multifamily per unit Rebates*     
50% of cost up to:
Central AC Replacement $50 $25
Air Sealing $300 $150
Duct Sealing $300 $150
Attic Insulation $250 $125
Heat Recovery Water Heater with Heat Pump              $250 $250
Integral (Hybrid) Heat Pump Water Heater $250 $250
Solar Water Heater $250 $250
Home Energy Assessment $150 $75
HIgh Efficiency conversion to ≥16 SEER VRF
or ≥18 SEER traditional heat pump ††
$250 $125


* Individual Improvement participation caps are $600/year for single family and $300/year per unit for multifamily
† Efficiency Requirements and Preconditions available at
†† Available through Georgia Power