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Establish a New Service Connection

For our customers or builders who are building where there has never been service before, this guide should help you understand the sequence of events, stakeholders, and responsibilities of each party.

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The New Service Process is a back-and-forth collaboration between the customer and Georgia Power. Please review the steps below to help us ensure that everything goes smoothly.

1. Customer Applies

The New Service process begins when the customer applies for service.


2. Georgia Power contacts customer

A Georgia Power representative will contact the customer within two business days to schedule an appointment for a site visit (if necessary).

3. Georgia Power visits site

A Georgia Power representative will meet the customer at the site to go through power requirements, system design plans and answer any questions.

4. Georgia Power designs project

Following the site visit, the Georgia Power representative will create a design layout, which can take up to 30 days.


5. Customer reviews design

The Engineering Representative will review the design with the customer and discuss the construction plan, costs, and schedule.

6. Customer is invoiced

If applicable, Georgia Power will send an invoice for construction costs that the customer must pay before work is scheduled.

7. Customer signs agreements

If applicable, the property owner must sign an easement form for any line extension before construction may begin. Sale of individual lots before the easement is filed with the county will require additional easements and Electric Service Agreements.

Other construction agreements may be required and will be explained and provided by Georgia Power.


8. Georgia Power obtains permit(s)

If applicable, Georgia Power will obtain all necessary permits that will be needed for completing this job. This process can take up to 90 days depending on the permit.

9. Customer notifies Georgia Power of site readiness

The customer will notify Georgia Power when the site is ready for electrical construction. The construction path must remain clear of obstructions. The service entrance and meter socket must be installed per Blue Book requirements.

10. Georgia Power constructs job

Georgia Power will notify the customer of the anticipated construction start date.  Construction will begin after all customer obligations are met.

Wiring Approval

11. Customer schedules inspection

In areas where electrical inspection is provided, the Public Service Commission requires that all wiring and equipment in or upon the premises of the Customer to the point of the service connection shall have the approval of an inspector from the constituted authority (cities and counties, for example) prior to connecting the Customer service to the Company’s system.

12. Georgia Power sets the meter

Meter set and lights on.

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