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Sports and Stadium Lighting

Developers' Portal

Insights and information to streamline your process

Georgia Power is proud to partner with local developers who build new residences and businesses in our communities. Our online Developers site is here to help ensure that your development and construction projects run as smoothly as possible.

Service Requests: Login to submit your request for power to get construction started, or wrap up your project and disconnect service.

Clearance Guidelines: To ensure your project is done correctly, a number of clearance guidelines must be followed in order for Georgia Power to safely provide service. This information also is available in the BlueBook.

Remember to always contact Georgia Power before beginning a project. Please call 
1-877-365-3276 to contact an engineer.



1. Residential Transformer - typical single-phase, residential transformer installation

2. Temporary Pole - typical single-phase residential overhead temporary installation

3. Commercial Transformer - typical three-phase commercial transformer installation

4. Switching Cubicle - typical three-phase switching cubicle used in large commercial and industrial applications

5. Underground Single - phase apartment meter cluster

6. Single - phase underground construction temp

7. Overhead Lines - picture of a line crew constructing overhead facilities