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Rate Overview

If you like total predictability in your monthly energy bill, this is the plan for you. On FlatBill you pay the same amount every month, for a whole year. FlatBIll means NO SURPRISES.

How the rate works:

FlatBill is a 12-month contracted rate plan whereby Georgia Power agrees to offer you a fixed monthly bill that will not vary during the year as your usage does. That means no rising bills during summer's heat or winter's cold—just one flat amount. Best of all, the FlatBill dollar amount is customized and considers your home's past electricity usage and expected weather for the upcoming 12 months. Your FlatBill offer includes an additional amount to guarantee no change in your payment due to fluctuations in usage.

At the end of your 12-month FlatBill period, you'll receive a new FlatBill offer for the next year. The new offer amount will be based upon your actual usage during your prior 12 months and projected usage for the next 12 months if you remain on FlatBill. There's no true-up settlement or deferred amount to pay at the conclusion of your annual contract. That means no surprise payment at the end!

If you terminate the program before the end of the contract, you may be responsible for a settlement amount. Specifically, if the amount of electricity you actually used results in a billing amount under the residential rate that is greater than the amount for which you have been billed under the FlatBill program, you must pay that difference. But if you fulfill the annual contract, there is no settlement to pay.

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