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Builder Portal

New construction or disconnect service?

We’re here to help your project flow as smoothly as possible.

Step 1.


Submit New Request and our team will contact you.

We make a visit to the project site and begin work on the project design layout.

Step 2.


We review the plan with you and present you with the invoice for the construction cost, and agreement and potential easements to sign.

Step 3.


We obtain work permits for the construction.

You notify us of site readiness.
Consult BlueBook for requirements.

We begin construction!

Step 4.

Wiring Approval

An inspector from the constituted authority (e.g. city or county) inspects all wiring and equipment prior to us connecting service.

We set the meter and the job is done!

For more information and the full detailed process...

Our Programs

You work hard to build the homes in our communities – let us make your job easier.

solar pathway light

FREE Outdoor Lighting Analysis

Need outdoor lighting or surveillance cameras in your community or development?

lineman climbing onto truck

Builder EV Circuit Rebate Program

Discover the benefits to your residential construction project, and help grow Georgia's EV infrastructure.

*Rebate available while funds last. Amount subject to change.​

Find the best rate for you

Use our tools to determine which rate plan best fits your needs and budget.