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Maximizing energy and cost savings for businesses

Save money and energy this summer

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We understand that electricity is an important part of your budget. We’re here to help your business manage its energy usage and have a positive impact on your bottom line through energy and cost savings resources.

To help you manage your facilities’ electric bills and cut costs where you can, our employees have a few energy-saving tips, programs, and resources to share.


“I’ve seen companies reduce energy costs after implementing energy-efficient improvements.”

Terrilyn, Energy Efficiency Team


“Our rate plans are tailored to meet the needs of every type of business, no matter their size.”

Erin, Pricing & Rates Team


“Leverage business rebates to update your facilities with energy-efficient improvements.”

Bryan, Customer Engagement Team

Here are a few best practices to help you improve your bottom line:

full load washer

Check for air leaks

Air leakage through the envelope of commercial buildings in the United States accounts for approximately 6% of their energy use. Walk through your facility to identify drafty areas that would benefit from sealing & caulking.

clean air filter

Raise AC thermostat

Most systems are set to 72–75˚°F and 50% relative humidity. Raising the thermostat to 78°F and 55% relative humidity can reduce HVAC energy usage by 13%.

clear air vents

Clean or change air filters

Regularly change or clean HVAC filters every month during peak heating season.

turn off lights

Use ceiling fans to cool occupants

In many circumstances, using a ceiling fan will allow you to adjust building temperatures by 4° to 8°F with no reduction in comfort to building occupants.

Understanding Your Bill

There are many factors that can influence your bill. We're committed to connecting you with the tools, resources and information you need to manage your energy use and help lower your bill.

The impact of rising fuel costs

We do not earn any profit from fuel costs, and we take proactive measures to minimize the impact of rising costs on our customers, including deploying the most cost-effective generation resources.

Business Energy Advisor

Your source for actionable advice on proven energy management strategies and technologies for tailored to your business.

Interactive sample bill

Every month, your bill includes the cost to generate and distribute electricity. Check out our interactive bill to learn what everything on your bill means.

Are you a residential customer, too?

Manage your electric bill with rate plans tailored for your home and energy-saving resources and tools.