Smart Usage

Rate Overview

Want more control over your monthly power bills? Our Smart Usage rate was designed to do just that. By making small changes to how and when you use energy, you could save on your annual energy bill. Your electric appliances, like clothes dryers, ovens, and dish washers, are some of the biggest energy users in your home. By using these appliances at different times of the day, you could reduce your monthly energy bill. 

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How the rate works

There are two ways to manage your bill on the Smart Usage rate:

  1. Avoid simultaneous use of major appliances. If you can avoid running appliances at the same time, then you could reduce your maximum usage of power in a 30-minute period. This translates to less demand on Georgia Power, and savings for you.
  2. Shift energy usage away from the on-peak time periods (2 p.m. - 7 p.m., Monday – Friday, June – September, excluding holidays).

Here are some ways to shift energy usage:

  1. Use a programmable thermostat to increase the temperature in your home to 78-80 degrees during summer weekdays.
  2. Avoid using major appliances such as ovens, clothes washers, dryers and dishwashers during the peak time period.
  3. Use a timer on your pool pump so that it runs overnight and automatically shuts off.

Solar Programs

Simple Solar

Residential & Business


Want to support solar energy or have renewable goals but live in an area where solar is not an option or prefer not to install solar yourself? Our Simple Solar program may be the right solution for your home or your business.

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Solar Buy Back & Installation

 Residential & Business


Georgia Power customers who generate their own renewable electricity may sell that electricity back to Georgia Power.

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