Efficiency and Maintenance

We are committed to helping our commercial customers make smart energy decisions as their businesses grow. By using energy more efficiently, you can improve your bottom line and save on maintenance costs. Shop a variety of energy-saving products right here or learn more about programs designed with you in mind.

Power Strips

Save energy and money by connecting your devices to power strips.

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs use five times less energy than traditional incandescents and can last up to 15 times longer. 

Rebated Products

Earn additional rebates on a variety of products, ranging from thermostats to lighting, to save even more on your purchases.

Small Commercial Direct Install Program

We help small businesses manage energy costs by assessing efficiency opportunities. Learn how you can save on installation of energy-efficient upgrades.

Wi-Fi Thermostats

Programmable Wi-Fi thermostats help you save energy by being controllable from anywhere.

Water Saving

From aerators to sprinkler controllers, shop water-saving products to save your business energy.

Smart Products

Invest in the latest smart technology to sync all your devices and remain competitive.

Custom Savings Program

Commercial customers can obtain rebates for high efficiency equipment energy conservation measures that fall outside of our other energy efficiency programs.

Prescriptive Program

Rebates are offered for lighting, water heaters, variable frequency drives, Smart WIFI thermostats and commercial equipment such as food service and grocery, business equipment and pumps.