Custom Savings for Your Business

It’s our job—and our pleasure—to understand the unique needs of our commercial customers. With our Custom Savings Program, we can help make your energy-efficient upgrades more affordable. Commercial customers can obtain rebates for installing high-efficiency equipment that fall outside of our other energy efficiency programs.

Custom Savings Details

Rebate Details

Rebates are calculated at a rate of $0.10/kWh saved and capped at $75,000 per building/year up to 50% of the cost.

All project rebates for submitted applications will be reviewed by Georgia Power.

Project pre-approval requirement has been waived until further notice. Applicants are encouraged to submit an application with the supporting documentation for project evaluation. Confirmation of equipment eligibility and rebate estimates will follow. Please review our rebate Terms and Conditions for more details.

Pre-approval is still recommended when possible, as all projects and equipment are still subject to program pre-conditions and requirements.

Rebate Portal available now.

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How to Submit Your Rebate Application

To apply for a rebate, complete the following steps:

  1. Start your application on the rebate portal.

  2. Gather and upload supporting documentation to portal:

    1. Payee Designation Form, if applicable

    2. Energy calculations for each energy efficiency measure

    3. Equipment specification sheets

    4. Completed IRS-Form W-9 for rebate recipient (For Payment)

  3. Upon project completion, complete your application by uploading the final invoice within 60 days.

Application Instructions


To discuss your upcoming project with a Custom Savings Program Specialist and get any questions answered about the program, please call 1-855-762-6732 or email

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