Outages & Storm Center

When a storm threatens, Georgia Power supports you 24/7.

Our Storm Center coordinates our company's storm readiness efforts, as well as crews from sister companies within Southern Company and neighboring utilities, to make sure we get your lights back on as quickly as possible. 

Storm Center functions include:

  • Monitoring weather and staging crews in advance of the storm.
  • Coordinating crew movements in Georgia and with other companies.
  • Coordinating and preparing damage assessment teams and support for our storm operations.
  • Serving as a communication system for media, GEMA, and other organizations.
  • Posting timely storm updates on twitter.com/georgiapower

Tools You Can Use: Outage Alerts

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Georgia Power Outage Alerts

How can we help?

Report a Street Light Outage

Use the map to find your location to report a street light outage near you.

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Facts and Figures

Find the latest Hurricane Michael updates here.

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How to Prepare Before a Storm

Know your risks and take necessary precautions. Before a storm hits, see tips for Preparing Your Home, Preparing Your Business, and what you need in your Emergency Supply Kit.

Stay Safe During all Types of Storms

Staying safe during a storm requires different types of preparation, depending on the type of storm that is expected. Learn more on how to prepare for a thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, flood, and ice storm.

Storm Preparation Information

Take Precautions After a Storm

In storm recovery, safety matters most. Report emergencies immediately, and remember these tips as after-storm safety guidelines.

What to do After a Storm

Set Up Outage Alerts

Stay informed during storm season. With outage alerts, you always know what's going on. 

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View Outage Map

View an interactive map that displays all reported outages. Search by ZIP Code to check outage status in your area. You'll need to log into your account to view the results.

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Understanding Outages

We are committed to safely delivering reliable power. Use this interactive tool to learn more about outages.

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