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Filings, Regulations & Compliance

We are the largest electric subsidiary of Southern Company, serving 2.7 million customers across Georgia and fully regulated by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC).

We believe everyone should have access to clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy. As part of Georgia’s constructive regulatory environment, our long-term energy planning process and cost-recovery proceedings are managed by the Georgia PSC.

Below is more information on some of our major filings, or “cases,” reviewed by the Georgia PSC.

Regulators & Policy Engagement

Georgia Public Service Commission

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Environmental Compliance

Learn how we balance energy demands and comply with federal regulations to protect the environment, and view the latest reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Georgia Power work with the Georgia Public Service Commission?

Georgia Power collaborates with the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) to ensure that we deliver energy in the most reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible manner. The PSC regulates and oversees our operations, tariffs, and long-term planning to safeguard the interests of Georgia residents and businesses.

How does Georgia Power participate in policy engagement and advocacy?

We actively engage with policymakers to contribute to legislative and regulatory discussions that impact the energy sector, ensuring that the views and needs of our customers and stakeholders are well-represented.

How can customers and stakeholders stay informed about Georgia Power's policy efforts?

We believe in transparency and regularly update our stakeholders through press releases, annual reports, and public forums.

What role does the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) play in Georgia Power's operations?

The Environmental Protection Agency sets federal standards for emissions and environmental impact. Georgia Power is committed to complying with these regulations to ensure that we operate in an environmentally responsible way. Our collaboration with the EPA helps us adopt best practices and cutting-edge technologies to minimize our ecological footprint.

What steps is Georgia Power taking for environmental compliance?

We adhere to both state and federal environmental laws and regulations. Our environmental management systems are designed to monitor and mitigate the environmental impact of our operations. This includes initiatives to reduce emissions, conserve water, and protect natural habitats.