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Energy Industry

Clean, Safe, Reliable & Affordable


Our Generation team is always on so you can be, too.

As we are committed to providing clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy to Georgians, our employees at our generating plants across the state are committed to powering Georgia – 24/7/365.

Our Diverse Fuel Portfolio

We have a number of different plants in our fleet. The diversity of fuels that we offer allows a reliable power supply for customers. Get an overview of our different plants and the technology behind them.

How Electricity Is Made

We are surrounded by electricity every day and it comes in many forms, from lightning in a thunderstorm to the light fixtures that illuminate our homes with the flip of a switch. Explore the science behind electricity and how it's created.

Solar Energy Program

At Georgia Power, we’re dedicated to providing you with the helpful resources you need to consider solar energy, from learning how solar works to understanding your options.

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