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Committed to Powering Georgia

Generation Appreciation Month 2023

Our Generation team is always on so you can be, too.

The What, Where, and How of Energy Generation.

Energy is a crucial part of our everyday lives, and we are committed to generating clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy for Georgians – whenever and wherever they need it. For our employees in energy generating plants across the state, that means a fierce dedication to operating and maintaining our facilities 24-7 / 365, no matter what.

These team members are generating reliable energy from a diverse mix of fuels and methods, and proudly serve Georgians with a focus on innovation, reliability, and stewardship.

  • Hydro
  • Combustion Turbine
  • Steam
  • Combined Cycle
  • Solar
  • Nuclear

At any moment – day or night – there are thousands of dedicated, passionate people diligently working to ensure that our customers have the energy they need. No matter where you are in the Peach State, there is a person to thank every time you flip on a light switch or turn up the volume on your stereo.

generation appreciation generation appreciation

Anthony D.

General Plant Operator, Plant McDonough


Growing up on a farm, Anthony developed a knack for building and fixing things from an early age. As the General Plant Operator at Plant McDonough, the husband and father of two sons gets to do what he loves while making an invaluable impact on the place he calls home. Everything Anthony does is critical to the plant’s success in ensuring reliable energy. From repairing electrical and mechanical equipment to troubleshooting operational challenges, Anthony’s role is key to making sure energy stays on around the clock for the growing state of Georgia.


About Plant McDonough:
In 2011, the coal-fired units at Plant McDonough-Atkinson were retired and replaced by three natural gas combined cycle units. These units, located on the 358-acre plant site about six miles northwest of Atlanta on the Chattahoochee River, can supply enough energy to power approximately 1.7 million homes.

generation appreciation generation appreciation

Amir B.

Engineer, Plant Bowen


After recently earning her bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Mississippi State University, Amir is thrilled to be working at Plant Bowen, an environment that is nurturing her passion to learn and grow. The first-generation college graduate enjoys coordinating projects and supporting her teammates at the plant. She is proud to be the first engineer in her family and wants to use her skills and talents to impact the future of energy in Georgia.

generation appreciation generation appreciation

Dana W.

Sr. Administrative Representative, Chattahoochee Hydro Group


Dana is no stranger to Georgia Power. Her father retired from the company, and she has been working at Georgia Power since the early 2000’s. She joined the Generation team in 2018 and values the sense of community that she gains by working as the Senior Administrative Representative for the Chattahoochee Hydro Group, comprised of several Georgia plants. From managing records to coordinating office logistics, Dana leads a crucial component in Georgia’s clean energy portfolio – which powers thousands of homes in communities across the state. As Chattahoochee Hydro’s Wellbeing Champion, she continues to draw inspiration from her father, an advocate for safety.


About Hydro:
Hydropower is the most widely used renewable energy source in the world. It generates less pollution than fuel-burning power generation methods while creating public recreational areas and new habitats for wildlife. Our teams currently operate 19 hydroelectric dams across Georgia.

generation appreciation generation appreciation

Wes S.

Sr. Instrumentation & Controls Technician, Plant Yates


After a friend encouraged him to explore energy generation as a possible career path, Wes enrolled into a Louisiana trade school to strengthen his skills. It was not long before Wes knew he had found his calling. He now serves as a Senior Instrumentation and Controls Technician at Plant Yates in his hometown, Coweta County. In this role, Wes supports a wide range of maintenance activities and control systems that are critical to generating energy. The husband and father of two daughters is proud to not only serve his community, but thousands of Georgia families and communities that can count on his efforts to provide access to the clean, safe, reliable, affordable energy.


About Natural Gas:
Natural gas generation uses one of America's most abundant resources to produce safe, reliable and clean energy. Natural gas-fueled combined cycle power plants offer one of the cleanest and most efficient methods of producing electricity. Most often, power plants create electricity from natural gas by burning the gas in a boiler to produce steam; the steam is then used by a steam turbine to generate electricity.

No matter the time or season, our Generation team is Committed to Powering Georgia.