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Workforce Development

Focusing on Education

Education is at the core of Workforce Development's strategy. Our goal is twofold--to increase graduation rates and ensure a trained, motivated workforce for Georgia Power and other energy businesses in the state, and to create targeted programs and cultivate a pool of talented candidates for hard-to-fill jobs like lineworkers.

At the elementary-school level, Georgia Power gets involved with schools to emphasize energy conservation and awareness and the importance of math and science. As students move into middle school, our focus becomes career awareness, as we introduce potential energy jobs and possible career pathways.

At the high-school level, we focus on energy industry education and preparation for post-secondary education. We align career pathways to a specific career, skills and abilities for a student to be successful.

One of the biggest challenges power companies face is employing a well-trained and skilled lineworker staff. Thanks to the efforts of Workforce Development and other industry partners within Georgia, four technical colleges across the state now offer Electrical Lineworker Apprentice Certificate programs.

Georgia Power's Workforce

Our Workforce Development grows awareness of the energy industry and potential careers through educator camps and forums, educator externships and career events. We provide training at schools and invites teachers to our facilities'—"teacher externships"—where they come to us and take what they've learned back to the classroom.

Education Programs

Georgia Power supports educational initiatives throughout the state and builds awareness about careers in the energy industry by offering educational grants, plant tours, educational resources and more.

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