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Outdoor Lighting

Our Georgia Power outdoor lighting team has the knowledge and experience to design systems to fit your needs – whether that’s a few lights or a complete system. We provide quality, reliability and value in outdoor lighting anywhere in the state, even if your electricity is not provided by Georgia Power.

How can Outdoor Lighting help you?

LED Lighting Experts

Georgia Power is a global leader in light-emitting diode (LED) technology. Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting offers benefits including:

  • Superior lighting quality/uniformity
  • White light provides better visibility
  • Long fixture life
  • Reduced maintenance requests
  • Instant on/no warm-up

Service Option Benefits

Georgia Power’s unique service option allows our customers to pay a monthly charge for the use of a lighting system. This option offers benefits including:

  • No up-front cost for equipment/installation
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Quick replacement of inoperative lights
  • Consistent maintenance
  • No repair hassles

Good outdoor lighting has many benefits.

Improved Safety and Security

Improved Safety and Security

Reduce potential liability and cost

Reduce potential liability and costs


Improve property value

Efficient end use

Efficient energy use

Contact our experts

Our outdoor lighting team has the knowledge and experience to design systems to fit your needs. 

Explore your options

residential outdoor lighting

Residential Outdoor Lighting

Commercial & Industrial Outdoor Lighting

Commercial and Industrial Outdoor Lighting

LED Roadway Lighting

LED Roadway Lighting

Installation Photos

Installation Photos
Installation Photos

Outdoor lighting can set your business apart by creating a setting that will give your customers confidence. Our experts will work with you to create a system that helps you shine above the rest.

Light Fixture Gallery

Area Lighting
Decorative Top Post
Flood Lighting

Whether it's a parking lot, office park, distribution center, apartment complex, retail project or any other outdoor lighting need, Georgia Power has the right lighting fixture for you.

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Our experts are ready to help for many different types of outdoor lighting needs.

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Light out on your street? Use our interactive map tool to let us know exaclty where the outage is located.

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