Light Fixture Gallery

Whether it's a parking lot, office park, distribution center, apartment complex, retail project or any other outdoor lighting need, Georgia Power has the right lighting fixture for you.


Our most popular fixtures and poles are shown; additional choices are available. Please contact a Georgia Power Outdoor Lighting representative for complete details or for assistance in making your product selections.

Area Lighting

Philips Roadfocus

Acuity Autobahn

Eaton Verdeon

Eaton Archeon

Eaton Navion

Philips Domus Pendant

Philips Metroscape Pendant

Leotek Green Cobra

Acuity Esplanade Teardrop

Eaton Galleon

Eaton Modern Epic

Eaton Caretaker

Decorative Post Top Lighting

King Luminaires K134 York

Philips Victorian

Acuity Arlington

Eaton Traditionaire without panels (UTLD)

Acuity GranVille

Acuity Jefferson

King Luminaires K445 Sol-Lux™

Philips Metroscape

Acuity Washington (acrylic)

Philips Savannah VX671

Eaton Generation ACN

Eaton Avenue ARC

Eaton Avenue

Eaton Mesa

Philips Urbanscape

Eaton Traditionaire (UTR)

Eaton Lexington

Philips Domus

Flood Lighting


Acuity ACP2 Facade Flood

Eaton UFLD Flood

Eaton VFS Facade Flood