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Pay by Day

Call 1-800-642-4590 to receive your customized Pay by Day price and sign up today.

Plan Overview

This innovative rate plan allows you to lock in a fixed daily price for your electricity over an entire year. With Pay by Day, you have certainty in your budget no matter how much energy you use due to extreme weather or from changes in the seasons.

By combining the convenience of PrePay with the certainty of FlatBill, this plan puts you in control of when, how often, and how much you pay towards your electricity service.

How the rate works:

Pay by Day is a prepaid service product. Customers on this plan deposit funds into their account and then their fixed Pay by Day amount is deducted daily from their account. Qualified customers can receive a customized Pay by Day offer based upon their past and projected electricity usage. This fixed daily price includes a small premium to guarantee the amount over the annual term. At the end of the 12 months, participants will receive a new Pay by Day offer that is updated to reflect their most recent usage.

Once enrolled, Georgia Power will inform Pay by Day participants if the funds in their accounts begin to approach zero and remind them to make a payment. If the account balance reaches zero, participants will receive a notification that service will be turned off unless funds are added to the account. A minimum of five dollars ($5) positive balance will be required for reconnection if service is disconnected. Once sufficient funds are received, the electric service will be promptly reconnected (if necessary) and there is never a reconnect fee on Pay by Day.

Pay by Day is also a convenient way to pay off outstanding balances over time. If participants have an outstanding balance prior to signing up for Pay by Day, the balance will be placed in a Deferred Payment Plan. As part of this plan, 25% of every payment will be applied to the deferred balance allowing the owed amount to be repaid in smaller increments over time. After the outstanding balance is repaid, 100% of each payment will apply towards electric service.