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Billing Options

Residential customers can choose from several convenient billing options, including Paperless Billing and Budget Billing. We also offer a Senior Citizens Discount for customers who qualify and give you the opportunity to help neighbors in need.

Need Help Understanding Your Bill?

Understanding your power bill has never been easier with our interactive sample bill with line-by-line explanations of each item and charge.  

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Payment Assistance

When you need help paying your bill, we have flexible payment arrangements to help you keep your power on and maintain your credit.

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woman paying electric bill on mobile phone

Budget Billing

Budget Billing takes the guesswork out of paying your power bill and makes it easier to balance your budget. Your monthly electric cost is averaged over a 12-month period to set a payment that is approximately the same each month. It's available to customers in good credit standing.

people paying electric bill on tablet

Paperless Billing

Receive and review your bill online to cut down on clutter and help the environment. You can also view previous bills securely, anytime. Paperless billing is free and it's easy to sign up. With Paperless Billing, you will receive an electronic notification each month instead of a paper bill.

Why Was My Bill So High?

Wondering what caused a sudden jump in your bill? Understanding some of the most common causes of high electric bills is one of the best things you can do to control the amount of energy you use.

Lower High Bills