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Income-Qualified Discount

See if you qualify for a $33.50/month discount on your energy bill

Georgia Power customers with a combined household income of 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or less, may qualify for an Income-Qualified Discount. The discount is limited solely to the metered electric service and fuel cost recovery components of a customer's bill and does not apply to sales taxes or any other aspect of the bill.

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How many individuals are in your household?

Is your household income at or less than these amounts?

Size of Family Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $30,120 $2,510
2 $40,880 $3,407
3 $51,640 $4,303
4 $62,400 $5,200
5 $73,160 $6,097
6 $83,920 $6,993
7 $94,680 $7,890
8 $105,440 $8,787
* $10,760 $897
*For family units over 8, add the amount shown for each additional member.

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Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements for this program. However, you can find other resources available to you.

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