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Diversity & Inclusion

We understand that by sustaining an inclusive and diverse workforce and actively engaging community partners and diverse suppliers, we are helping to make our business stronger. We maintain a culture of collaboration and integrity. We value our employees' diverse perspectives, talents, skills and backgrounds and ensure that we provide all employees with opportunities to learn, grow, advance their careers and make a difference.

We offer resources to support and encourage professional development. In addition, all Georgia Power employees have personalized development plans.

Supplier Diversity

By nurturing relationships with diverse suppliers including female-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses, we broaden our access to products and services while demonstrating our commitment to economic inclusion across the state of Georgia. In some instances, we can mentor them so they reach their full business potential. Download more information about Supplier Diversity & Development (PDF).

While completion of the self-registration process does not guarantee future opportunities with the company, it is a required step in order to be considered. Access our self-registration portal, Smart by GEP, to complete your supplier registration.

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Representing the Communities We Serve

From our senior leadership to frontline employees, we enlist talent who not only meet business needs but also represent the communities we serve.

Developing Careers

When someone comes to work for us, we strive to ensure that resources and support are in place to foster his/her personal and professional development. We focus on individual and group mentoring programs, leadership development, career assessments, performance management and numerous career development courses.

Measuring Our Progress

Georgia Power's Diversity and Inclusion organization measures our company's performance on a quarterly basis and reports this information, along with other key performance measures to our CEO.

We survey employees to track our progress in the following key areas: fairness and openness within individual work groups; management and supervision; the selection and development process; and valuing differences.

On average, over 70% of our employees participate in the survey. The results are reported for each business unit. The business units then develop action plans that build upon areas of success and address opportunities for improvement.

We are proud that Georgia Power has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, and we attribute our high employee retention to our culture, work environment, compensation and employee development.

Employee Councils

Employee Councils work with both management and other employees to help create and sustain an inclusive and engaging work environment.

Comprised of volunteers who represent the diversity of jobs, locations and demographics within their organization, these Councils are charged with identifying barriers and developing innovative solutions that contribute to the business success of their organizations.

Georgia Power has 20 active Employee Councils across the state. Being a Council member provides employees with enhanced opportunities to develop leadership skills and to make a positive difference in their workplaces.

Employee Resource Groups

The diverse experiences, skills and backgrounds our employees bring to work every day are what make our company successful. We encourage our employees to form grassroots resource groups—known as Employee Resource Groups—around common backgrounds or attributes. Employee Resource Groups are open to all employees.

Employee Resource Groups provide our employees with a supportive environment where they can voice issues, present solutions and participate in activities that will improve the work culture and increase the feeling of inclusion and respect. They also help to increase employee engagement through professional and personal development activities, personal learning and growth workshops, diversity awareness meetings, professional networking events, and other activities that support the company's business goals. In addition, they provide leadership opportunities for their members and exposure to senior management.

Our current groups include:

Alliance of Disability Advocates Pursuing Progress Together (ADAPPT)

The Alliance of Disability Advocates Pursuing Progress Together (ADAPPT) represents the points of view of employees who have disabilities or a connection to the disability community. ADAPPT works to develop and sustain an inclusive and supportive environment where all people, irrespective of their visible or invisible limitations, are empowered to fully realize their potential and participate equally in all aspects of life.

Asian Pacific American Employee Resource Group

The Asian Pacific American (APA) Employee Resource Group serves to assist the company in harnessing the full potential of its Asian Pacific American employees. There are more than 40 countries represented by this group, including Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. APA's goals are to support the company in its diversity initiatives, foster an environment for greater professional development and serve as an ambassador between the company and the Asian Pacific American customers and community.


The Amigos Employee Resource Group was formed to assist in the recruiting, retention and development of Hispanic/Latino employees. Besides mentoring opportunities, the group serves as a bridge between the company and its growing internal and external Latino community. The Amigos seeks ways to share information about Hispanic/Latino culture and enhance company representation at community events.

Military Veterans in Power Employee Resource Group

The Military Veterans in Power (MVP) Employee Resource Group exists to help position Georgia Power and Southern Company as "Employers of Choice" for military veterans and to encourage them in their careers. They support supplier diversity initiatives regarding veteran-owned businesses and act as the focal point for the company's support of the military, veterans and our Department of Defense customers.

PEER Group

The Professional Education and Employee Retention (PEER) Group serves to help integrate new employees by facilitating the exchange of ideas and to educate the Georgia Power and Southern Company communities. Its membership consists mainly of employees who have worked within the company five years or less. The PEER Group sponsors a variety of events designed with the newer employee in mind. Events range from panel discussions and student-of-the-business field trips to after-hours events. Their motto—Integrate, Facilitate and Educate!

Technical Women in Georgia

Technical Women in Georgia (TWIG) was formed to recruit, integrate and retain women who work in technical fields or other non-traditional roles. Many of these women work in the regions, plants or outside of corporate environments.

Meetings allow members to share experiences, learn more about generation, transmission and distribution, as well as help new and existing employees develop technically and personally. TWIG also helps recruit young women into these non-traditional roles by visiting schools and reaching out to the community with various activities.

VOICE (Valuing Openness, Inclusion, Community and Education)

Formerly known as the African American Women's Networking Group since 2003, this African American Employee Resource Group re-launched in April 2014 with a broader mission to create and sustain an inclusive work environment that supports the recruitment, development and retention of African American employees.


The mission of PRIDE Power is to foster an inclusive work environment built on Our Values, where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees and their allies are empowered to be authentic, valued and respected.

Work and Family Life Employee Resource Group

The mission of the Work and Family Life Resource Group is to provide quality programs and educational forums which will allow employees to focus on their careers while maintaining a well-balanced family life.

Charitable Giving

A commitment to citizenship is at the heart of Georgia Power's core values.

Through our statewide service organization—Citizens of Georgia Power—comprised of employees, retirees and their spouses, volunteer efforts and monetary contributions are focused on improving education, protecting the environment, preventing cancer and promoting diversity, as well as strategic and local initiatives.

At the state level, all chapters are asked to support the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life and other cancer research-funding initiatives, as well as the Martin Luther King Day of Service, the American Red Cross or other blood drives, Earth Day and World Hunger Month. In addition, the chapters are involved with specific local charities and events.

Our charitable giving efforts support organizations including the United Way, The Salvation Army, the United Negro College Fund, and the American Red Cross, all of which positively impact Georgians across the state.

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