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Grid Investment Plan

Investing in the Grid

Enhancing Service and Reliability

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Georgia Power is building the future of energy by investing in the grid and making it stronger and more resilient. From transmission lines that carry power from generating plants to substations, to distribution lines that deliver safe and affordable energy to customers’ homes and businesses, the company is strengthening the energy grid.

Benefits of Grid Investment:



Reduce the number and length of power outages experienced by customers

Infrastructure health and safety

Infrastructure Health and Safety

Strengthen the reliability of Georgia's electrical system

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer experience in an increasingly power-dependent world

Our Grid Investment Program is a multi-year initiative to enhance service and reliability in communities across Georgia.

  • Improved reliability for 160,000 customers
  • Replaced over 13,600 poles
  • Installed nearly 1,400 smart devices
  • Installed over 345 miles of underground lines

Building the Future of Energy Today

"Hurricane Maria showed us what can happen with a weak and outdated power grid."

Erika Rolón LaTorre, was born in Puerto Rico. After Hurricane Maria she became an electrical engineer to ensure her current home, Georgia, has a better, stronger, more reliable electric grid.

Watch her story and learn why Erika is passionate about delivering reliable and dependable service to Georgians.

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