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Powering Tomorrow, Today

Because we know that the sustainable energy needed to prosper tomorrow, will come from the energy we put in today.

Want to see our roadmap to meet future energy needs? Check out our 2022 Integrated Resource Plan

Electric Transportation

Driving Georgia forward

With an increase of clean-driving electric vehicles on Georgia's roads every day, and the expanding development and production of EVs, batteries and other infrastructure in the state, we're supporting the state's growing electric mobility ecosystem.

Diverse Energy Mix

A balanced mix of nuclear, solar and hydro

A carbon-free energy future for Georgia starts with sustainable changes across the state today. That's why we're keeping a balanced mix of hydro, solar and and nuclear power. All while providing flexible payment options and rate plans to suit your lifestyle.

Smart Solutions

Innovative energy-efficient solutions

We are developing and deploying sustainable energy solutions that provide customer value and reduce the environmental impact. Through various partnerships, electrification initiatives and industry-leading research and development, we are delivering clean and resilient solutions.


55,000 hours of giving back

We are committed to protecting our state's natural beauty by caring for our parks and lakes. We put in over 55,000 hours of volunteering in our communities last year, and we partner with communities, conservation organizations, and natural resource agencies to protect the environment.