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Outage Information

Georgia Power is committed to safely delivering reliable power. Even so, during storms your power can sometimes blink, flicker or go off.

That's why we created outage alerts, which provide real-time outage information personalized specifically for you. Outage alerts let you know when there's an outage in your area and when your power is going to be restored. You can count on us to quickly respond and bring electricity back if a storm knocks out power, and outage alerts allow you to always know what's going on. Sign up for outage alerts below to receive customized alerts via text, email or phone call.

Enroll in Outage Alerts

It’s important to stay informed during storm season. Subscribe to Georgia Power’s free Outage Alert service to receive personalized notifications and updates via text message, email or phone call. Watch the videos for more information and step-by-step directions.

How to Sign Up via Text

Sign Up for Outage Alerts via text

1: Text REG to GAPWR (427-97). For your security, we will send a text requesting additional information.


2: Enter your 10-digit phone number or your Georgia Power account number. Press SEND


3:  Enter your zip code. Press SEND


4: You will receive a text to confirm your address (which will be shown) and accept the terms and conditions. To read the terms and conditions, click on the link provided in the text. Text Y (for yes) and press SEND to accept the terms and conditions and complete your registration. 


5: You will receive a text confirming completion of your registration and providing instructions for unsubscribing should you desire to do so in the future. 

How to Sign Up via Computer

Sign Up for Outage Alerts via computer

1: Log in to your account


2: Click Outages at the top of your screen, then Alerts in the dark blue bar at the top. You will be redirected to the Alerts & Communications page.


3: In the Alerts box, click on Outage Alerts.


4: Click Subscribe.


5: Select whether you would like to be notified via email or phone number in the case of an outage. If you select phone, decide if you would like texts, voice messages or both.


6: If there are times when you prefer NOT to be contacted, click the Do Not Contact checkbox and use the drop downs to select those hours.


7: Make sure to click Save to enter your selections.

Change or Edit an Alert

To change or edit an alert, including phone number, email or alert type, make sure you are logged into you account. Click on Alerts & Communication to manage these settings.

edit icon

Editing an Alert
If you would like to change the phone number or alert type, select Edit for that alert. A screen will appear that will allow you to change the phone number on your account or to change whether you receive texts, voice messages or both. 

delete icon

Removing an Alert
If you would like to delete an existing alert, select delete in the same row for the alert you would no longer like to receive. A confirmation screen will appear to confirm your decision. Click Delete.

What causes a power outage?

Outages can be caused by a number of factors, including trees, animals, snow or ice. Learn how power flows to your home or business and the varying causes of outages.

How does Georgia Power restore your power?

Restoration starts at our power plants, which keep working even in the most severe storms. You'll see us concentrate our restoration efforts on the main distribution lines serving communities. Restoring power to your vital community services, including hospitals, emergency and public safety services, and water and sewage stations, is a priority.

We also focus on repairs that return power to the greatest number of customers in the least amount of time. Finally, we repair smaller lines until crews get down to individual lines in neighborhoods.

Report a Street Light Outage

Light out on your street? Use our interactive map tool to let us know exaclty where the outage is located.