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Wiring Approval

As a safety precaution, many local authorities require a wiring approval prior to Georgia Power connecting your service. It’s just one of the steps we take in delivering reliable, affordable energy for our customers. 

How do I get a wiring approval?

Wiring approvals are a result of an electrical inspection done by the city or county in which your home or business is located. Applications for wiring approvals need to be requested through your local municipality.

Has my wiring approval been received?

You may call 1-877-365-3276 to speak to a Georgia Power representative who can confirm if we have received the wiring approval from the inspection agency that serves your area.

Can my electrician or Georgia Power provide me with a wiring approval?

No. This will need to come from your city or county electrical inspection agency.

Do I need an additional wiring approval when going from temporary to permanent service?

In most cases, yes. However, please contact your local inspection agency for specific details.

Do I need to call back once my wiring approval is completed?

No. When an electrical inspection is completed, the municipality releases the wiring approval, then contacts Georgia Power to inform us that service can now be connected. If you have any questions about your wiring approval, please feel free to contact us.

How long will it take my service to be connected once my wiring approval has been received?

If the wiring approval comes in prior to your requested connection date, we will have your service on by that date, provided all obligations (including wiring approval) are met by you and Georgia Power. An engineer and/or customer service representative will contact you to communicate any other requirements. Georgia Power will proactively call to notify you if all requirements are not met, and determine a later service connection date if needed. We can commit to connect your service within two days after all requirements are met.

Is my county or city exempt from having wiring approval requirements?

Please contact your local municipality for specific requirements.