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Save Now and Later

Switch to LEDs

Making the change to LEDs has never been more affordable.

Discounted bulbs brought to you by Georgia Power.

LED bulbs provide long-lasting comfort, energy savings, and consistency, leading you to lower monthly bills. Take advantage of their benefits by purchasing high quality, lower-priced bulbs today, either in a participating store or on the Georgia Power Marketplace.

Why choose LEDs over traditional light bulbs?


Last at least 15-25 times longer*

Energy Usage

90% less energy used*


$80 saved in energy costs over a lifetime*

How it works:

Take advantage of your rebates & savings.

1. Choose your LED light.
From dimmable candelabras to bright spotlights, LEDs come in a variety of styles and temperatures, so you’ll find options to fit almost any fixture in your home.

2. Buy Your Bulb.
Find a store that carries your LED light so you can pick it up right away or you can buy it on the Georgia Power Marketplace..

3. Enjoy the Benefits.
Experience an affordable, long-lasting light bulb that saves you energy and won't have to be changed for years to come.

Recycling & Disposal

Learn about how to recycle or dispose of your old bulbs

CFL Light Bulb Recycling

The Home Depot offers safe CFL recycling at retail locations across the state. Learn more at

Broken CFL?

If a CFL should break in your home, EPA provides cleanup guidelines that can be performed by the general public.

LED Disposal

More than 95% of an LED bulb is recyclable; simply call your local waste management company to learn its policies for collecting and recycling. Since LED bulbs do not contain mercury and do not require special recycling, non-working LED bulbs can be placed in the garbage

LED Savings Calculator

Switching to LEDs is a no-brainer

The benefits are clear: LED bulbs can light up your home as well as traditional bulbs while using 90% less energy and lasting 15-25 times longer.*

Take advantage of the savings today!