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EV Charger Rebate

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate

Get up to $500 per charger

Our Business electric vehicle charger rebate is available to help make installing electric vehicle chargers at your location more affordable. For businesses only needing a few chargers, this rebate is available to you to help grow electric vehicle infrastructure across Georgia.

Eligibility Requirements

Georgia Power business customers may qualify for a rebate on up to five Level 2 (208/204v) chargers. ​

*Rebate available while funds last. Amount subject to change.

Charger Eligibility Requirements:

- Must be a Level 2 (208/240-volt) charger.
- Must have a dedicated circuit
- Must be new (not used, refurbished, rented, etc.) and purchased by the consumer
- Rebate paid on each charger installed.
- There are no manufacturer, make or model restrictions, so long as the above requirements are met.

Customer Eligibility Restrictions:

- Must be a Georgia Power customer.
- Eligible customers must be the property owner, or have the express permission of the property owner, to install the electric vehicle charger.

Business Rebate Only:

- Program open to all business customers regardless of electric service rate.
- Business customers include, but are not limited to: retail, industrial, office buildings, churches, mixed use developments, and multi-family residences.
- Third party vendors or business customers engaged in the electric vehicle charging business, and new car dealerships are not eligible for the rebate.
- Business customers participating in the Make Ready Program are not eligible for the business rebate.

Electric vehicle mini cooper
Electric vehicle charging parking lot

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