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Electric Vehiles for Your Business
Electric Vehiles for Your Business

Electric Power. Proven.™

Georgia Power works closely with municipal, commercial and industrial organizations to assist with fleet electrification and charging infrastructure. 

Benefits of electrifying your fleet include:

  • Reducing fuel costs
  • Spending less on maintenance
  • Increasing workplace safety
  • Reducing your environmental impact


Let your data fuel your decision

The Will It Work™ Fleet Electrification process collects real data to demonstrate the fuel cost saving and carbon reducing power of electric vehicles. Will It Work™ is built around a suitability assessment, electric vehicle demonstration and transparent reporting. The results will address whether converting to electric vehicles will work in your specific application(s) and outline potential benefits.

Types of Fleet Electrification Vehicles

Our Will It Work™ Fleet Electrification process can be applied to any type of vehicle. Whether you are looking to electrify your on road passenger vehicles, or your off road material handlers, we are here to help you reach your business goals. 


On Road Vehicles

Whether you are moving people or goods, our process can be applied to many types of vehicles. See some of the more common applications below.

Light duty vehicles (sedans)

Light duty vehicles (sedans)

Shuttles and utility carts

Shuttles and utility carts 

Transit and school buses 690903134

Transit and school buses

Delivery trucks and vans 881814948

Delivery trucks and vans

Off Road Vehicles

If your business uses off road vehicles to move materials or people, consider the electric alternative and replace fossil fuel equipment with the efficiency of electric power. Some of the more common applications are listed below.

Forklift material handling

Forklift material handling

Ground service equipment and terminal tractors 858410146

Airport ground service equipment and terminal tractors

Standby refrigerated trucking 506577097

Standby refrigerated trucking

Airport and seaport electrification 820346568

Seaport electrification

Schedule your FREE electrification consultation today!

A member of the Georgia Power's Electric Transportation team is here to assist you. Whether you have basic questions, or are ready to look at how much you could save by switching to electric, our team of professionals is ready to help.

Contact us today with any general questions you may have, or to schedule your free electrification consultation.