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Make Ready

Make Ready Program

Driving Business Forward

Our Make Ready Program removes the biggest financial hurdle of installing electric chargers at your location by installing, owning and maintaining the electrical infrastructure behind your meter up to the charger. We help you make installing electric charging infrastructure affordable so your business can be prepared for the growing electric vehicle market and support sustainability efforts.

*Program conditions and restrictions apply. The Georgia Power Make Ready program has limited funds available and has currently met its funding threshold. All new applications will be placed on a waiting list pending the approval of additional funds, if and when such funds are made available. During this time, our Electric Transportation experts can still help you develop and execute a strategic Electric Transportation plan for your business while the potential for additional funding is being determined.

To ensure you have what you need, please review our checklist before you start your application process.

Value & Affordability

Program removes significant financial hurdle to electrification.

Walk the Talk

Improve air quality and lower CO2 emissions.

Important Amenity

More than 100 new electric vehicle models in the next 5 years.

How the program works:

We will install, own and operate all of the charging infrastructure behind the customer meter all the way up to your charger, including the panel, switchgear, wiring, conduits and disconnects. Terms & Conditions

Want us to manage your charger installation? Check the box to indicate your interest when you submit your application.

  1. Application. Once you’ve applied to get your charger installed, one of our experts will work with you to verify the application and your needs.

  2. Site review. Our experts will conduct a site review to make sure there is power readily available at your desired charger locations.

  3. Project planning & contract. Once the site plan is completed, the project can be approved and a contract is signed.

  4. Installation is completed.

Eligible Technology

Passenger vehicle

Passenger vehicle

Transit bus

Transit bus

eTru (mini bus)

eTru (mini bus)



School bus

School bus

Long-haul delivery

Long-haul delivery

Refrigerated container racks

Refrigerated container racks

Short-haul package delivery

Short-haul package delivery

Airport ground support equipment

Airport ground support equipment

Airport baggage delivery

Airport baggage delivery

Ensure you have what you need:

Review our checklist before you apply.   Download checklist (PDF)    Terms & Conditions

Business Site Information

Georgia Power account number

Business Name

Site/Customer Address, City, Zip Code

Customer Contact Name & Title

Customer Contact phone number

Customer Contact email address

Type of Charger

How will the chargers be used (Public, Employee, Customers, Fleet, etc.)?

Is this request for on-road EV charging or off-road charging (i.e Forklifts)?

For on-road charger ports - what is the total # of vehicle parking spots needed for charging?

For off-road charger ports (i.e. forklifts), how many charger connections are needed?

Site Specification

Is this an existing property or new construction?

If new, what is the current stage of construction?

What type of property/facility is this?

How many electric vehicle charging ports are currently installed at this facility?

Where would you like these chargers to be installed (Surface lot, Parking Deck, Inside Warehouse)?

Project Assessment

Desired installation time frame?

Has a site assessment by a certified electrician been performed to check electrical panel capacity?

Is the existing panel capacity adequate to support the # of chargers being added?

What voltage is the power source? (i.e. 3Phase 277/480, 1Phase 120/240, 120/208)

Have you chosen an electrician to perform the work and have they given you a proposal to do the charger installation?

Find out how we can help your business

From fleet conversions to employee/consumer charging needs, general questions or to schedule a free electrification consultation, contact our experts today!