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Make Ready

Make Ready Infrastructure Program

Powering your EV future

As Georgia Power will invest in and own the needed infrastructure to support your charging stations, our Make Ready Infrastructure Program eliminates the most significant financial hurdle of installing charging stations at your business by reducing the upfront infrastructure costs.

By covering the design, construction, and ongoing maintenance of all electrical infrastructure behind the meter leading up to your chargers, we help make charging installations more accessible, empowering you to reach your sustainability goals and meet the growing demands of the EV market.

Make your location ready for EV charging

We install and maintain the electrical infrastructure behind your meter up to your chargers.

make ready infrastructure

Program Eligibility

To apply for funding for the Make Ready Infrastructure program, your installation must meet the following requirements:

  • Public-Facing Installation (Accessible or Serving the Public): Chargers must either be installed in areas accessible for public use or designated for public fleets, which serve the general public.
  • Charger Quantity: You must install six or more Level 2 chargers, or at least one DC fast charger.

For complete eligibility details, refer to the Program Criteria documentation. 

Program funding is limited. Due to heavy demand in this program, please be patient as we work to evaluate your application. We will follow up as soon as possible. If you need assistance or have questions in the interim, please contact an ET Expert.

Terms and Conditions apply.

How It Works

5 steps to get your project completed

Step 1: Application

Before applying, ensure you have the necessary documents. Review or download our checklist: Make Ready Application Checklist (PDF)

Step 2: Eligibility Review

Once you submit your application, our team will review your project details to confirm it meets the program criteria. We will contact you to discuss your project details and schedule a site visit.

Step 3: Site Assessment & Design

Our experts will conduct an on-site visit to assess your power availability and develop the site design to ensure sufficient power capacity based on your charger needs and desired location.

Step 4: Project Planning

Once the site design is finalized, and the project receives approval from all relevant parties, you may purchase your chargers while we order the infrastructure equipment. Note that project timelines may vary due to global supply chain delays.

Step 5: Construction

A pre-construction meeting will be held on site upon equipment arrival. System installation will begin soon after, and you can install your chargers once the infrastructure is complete.

Your chargers are now ready to use!

Have questions? We're here to help!

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