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Standard Service Plan


Standard Service is Georgia Power's basic rate plan and is available to all residential customers. The plan has a monthly base charge and a rate that changes based on your monthly usage and the time of the year. This plan is ideal for customers who are comfortable with fluctuations in their monthly electric bill or are less likely to shift their electric usage for the months June through September to the evening and weekend time periods.

Standard Rate Plan Explained

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Monthly Rate Schedule

WINTER - October through May
First 650 kWh: 5.6582¢ per kWh
650-1,000 kWh: 4.8533¢ per kWh
Over 1,000 kWh: 4.7641¢ per kWh
SUMMER - June through September
First 650 kWh: 5.6582¢ per kWh
650-1,000 kWh: 9.3983¢ per kWh
Over 1,000 kWh: 9.7273¢ per kWh

Prices are approximate and do not include fuel, taxes and other charges.
Standard Service is the default rate plan for all residential customers unless they select another rate option. To sign up for residential service, call 1-888-660-5890.

Standard Rate Resources


Residential Rate Advisor

We need to make sure this is the right advisor for you. Is this a residential property that is for personal use rather than business use?

Residential Rate option Business Rate option

*Rate advisor is only intended to assist your decision making process. You should check all rates and cross reference your energy use with recommended rate schedules before committing to a rate. Your choice is important because you must stay on the chosen or assigned rate for at least 12 months.


To get advice on business rates, please visit the business section of our site. Where do you want to go?

Go to Business Rates

Have you been in your home for more than 12 months?

Switch electric use to off-peak hours

Are you willing to shift when you use electricity away from peak demand times in order to reduce your bill?


Are you willing to monitor and limit the use of multiple appliances at the same time?


How important is consistency in your bill?


How important are renewable Energy sources to you?

A rate that is designed to encourage customers to use less electricity during on-peak hours and shift that usage to off-peak periods.

Standard Service: The basic rate plan. This plan is ideal for customers who are comfortable with fluctuations in their monthly electric bill.

With FlatBill there are no surprises because your bill is the same month after month for the entire year.

For customers who can avoid the use of major appliances at the same time.

my power usage

Monitor Your Daily Power Usage

View your daily energy usage, set usage alerts and see your projected bill before it arrives with My Power Usage.

Paperless Billing

Paperless Billing

Go paperless for secure access to your bill anytime, helpful payment reminders and the ability to save documents as PDFs to reduce clutter.

Budget Bill

Budget Bill

Say goodbye to those seasonal bill peaks by averaging your monthly charges with Budget Bill.