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Plug-In Electric
Vehicle Application

Georgia Power is committed to those who are committed to making a difference in our environment. Here you can apply for the Plug-In Electric Vehicle rate plan, saving money while contributing to a larger purpose.

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By choosing to participate in the residential time-of-use Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate plan, you agree to pay the monthly Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate kWh usage amount for electric service on your account for at least 12 months, beginning with the first bill rendered on the Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate. We will try to enroll your account within the next billing cycle. Your 12-month commitment will begin at that time. These Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate terms apply only for electric service to the designated account(s) and address. If you transfer service to another address, you will need to reapply for the Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate. The Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate, like all residential rates, will incur the costs of fuel, taxes and other charges. The rate does not include Georgia Power security lights, or other Georgia Power products and services should you have any. Georgia Power offers the Plug-in Electric Vehicle rate plan pursuant to the current residential rate filing, which is on file with the Georgia Public Service Commission. This rate is not available to customers currently billed on Georgia Power's Flatbill® Program.

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Georgia Power is committed to lessening the environmental impact of traditional energy resources. See our latest energy advancements.

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