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Georgia Power promotes electric transportation to meet customers’ changing needs


Georgia Power continues to advance electric transportation in Georgia through innovative programs and partnerships that make driving an electric vehicle (EV) more convenient than ever and give customers options. Georgia Power’s partnership with Lyft includes a pilot program that incentivizes EV driving. 

As part of the program, qualified EV drivers are eligible for a $500 bonus when they sign up for Lyft from Oct. 22, 2018 through Nov. 21, 2018, and after they have completed 30 rides within 30 consecutive days. Future Lyft drivers can visit to learn more and sign up. In addition to reaching rideshare drivers, the program will also promote EV use amongst Lyft’s rideshare users. The program will include information about the ease, reliability and affordability of driving electric. 

“We are committed to developing new partnerships and programs that assist customers with their EV energy needs and advancing Georgia as an EV-friendly state,” said Ervan Hancock, Georgia Power’s director for electric transportation programs. “We’re excited to partner with Lyft to help inspire rideshare drivers in Georgia to consider the benefits of driving electric.”

“By attracting more EV drivers to Lyft, we hope to get more Georgians in electric vehicles so they can experience the ride firsthand. We hope it challenges misperceptions about EVs,” said Sam Bond, general manager of Lyft southeast. “We believe this is just the start of a longer-term effort with Georgia Power to ‘charge up’ the state.”  

To accommodate the growing number of EVs on Georgia roads and highways, the company installed 36 public EV charging locations across the state. From Savannah to Rome, Georgia Power public charging islands feature multiple options for EV drivers including a DC fast charger (CHADeMo/SAE combo plugs) as well as a dual port Level 2, 208/240-volt charger. The charging islands accept either a Georgia Power Card, powered by ChargePoint and available at, or an existing ChargePoint card.

Georgia Power also offers rebates to residential and business customers through the Get Current, Drive Electric program. The company has already issued more than 1,700 rebates to residential and business customers. The company also encourages current EV-driving customers to consider its special Plug-in Electric Vehicle charging rate (PEV), which helps them save even more just by making simple changes like setting a timer to charge their EV at night and shifting electricity usage as seasons and demand times change. To learn more about driving electric with Georgia Power, including an interactive savings calculator, visit and join Georgia Power's social EV communities on Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) (@GeorgiaPowerET).