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What’s New in Electric Transportation?

Electric vehicles are on the rise across the United States and Georgia drivers are seeing their vehicle choices and charging access expand every day. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Atlanta is ranked, among the top cities in the Eastern U.S. for public charging stations and 4th in the nation for workplace charging availability. With over 27,000 vehicle sales in Georgia since 2011, EVs are bringing cleaner air, lower fuel costs and higher savings to consumers and fleets alike.

According to predictions from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, there will be approximately 10 million electric vehicles on the road by 2030, and electric vehicles will make up 35% of global car sales by 2040. The automotive industry is listening, releasing 16 new or revised electric vehicles in 2017 alone. In Georgia, the new 2018 generation cars have arrived and the prices are dropping while the range is increasing. New and updated electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles from Chevrolet, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Kia, Honda and Tesla are available now at select dealers across Georgia. 

When it comes to electric vehicles, Georgia Power is committed to help grow the market and expand charging stations and access throughout the state. Electric vehicles are becoming more reliable and cost effective than ever, and not just for passenger cars. Georgia Power also works closely with commercial, municipal and industrial organizations across the state to assist them with fleet electrification feasibility and charging infrastructure planning for buses, shuttles, heavy-duty trucks and industrial vehicles like forklifts and sweepers. Here are just some of the Georgia organizations with vehicle electrification projects:

  • The City of Atlanta has 67 electric vehicles in their fleet, making it the largest in the southeast.
  • Hartsfield Jackson International Airport installed 200 electric vehicle charging stations with plans to install another 100. Additionally, they use two electric buses for inter-terminal transportation.
  • UPS is adding 20 electric Package Cars to their Atlanta fleet in 2018.
  • The State Road and Tollway Authority is planning to add over 20 electric coaches to the Xpress bus service.
  • University of Georgia (UGA) is adding 19 electric transit buses for their campus shuttle system.

To learn more about the potential savings of driving electric, visit Georgia Power’s Electric Vehicles page. There you can learn about what vehicle options might be best for you, find help with choosing the best rate plan and download the application for Georgia Power’s $250 Rebate on home vehicle chargers. If you are a business owner or local community leader and would like to know more about Georgia Power’s fleet electrification or guidance on workplace or community charging stations, contact our Electric Transportation Market Specialists today.