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Georgia Power celebrates with City of Augusta as the city's first charging station officially opens

The City of Augusta recently held a ribbon cutting celebrating the city’s new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, supported through the Georgia Power Make Ready Program. Located at the Augusta Municipal Building, city officials joined employees and residents to commemorate the new chapter of electric transportation and reliability that will serve the community for years to come.

Georgia Power Region Executive Kerry Bridges was present at the event, and noted the importance of the project for the city and the region.

“We commend the city for their commitment to providing this much needed charging infrastructure within the community. At Georgia Power, we believe that projects such as these can accelerate the adoption of electric mobility, build range confidence, and create a more sustainable future for our customers and communities,” said Bridges.

Comprised of four level-2 chargers, the new charging stations will be available to charge the city’s new electric fleet, as well as resident vehicles.  The new charging stations are the latest example of successful collaboration and investment in publicly accessible charging stations by customers participating in Georgia Power’s Make Ready program.

The Mayor of Augusta, Garnett L. Johnson was also in attendance. As quoted by the Augusta Chronicle, he said “It's great that not only can we charge city vehicles, but our guests that come to town have an opportunity to charge their vehicles. We're looking at more exciting opportunities like this. God bless this beautiful city. And let's keep up the great work.”

Georgia Power is focused on providing clean, safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to meet customers’ needs – including EV charging. Residential and business customers alike need help ensuring access to charging infrastructure for these technologies. There are several offerings available including rebates, programs and special rates in the electric transportation sector. Check out the full list of options here.