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Georgia Power Increases Income Qualified Senior Citizen Discount

Georgia Power believes that everyone should have access to clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy and understands that energy costs are an important part of every family’s budget. The company is committed to connecting customers – including senior citizens, those with one-time or ongoing special needs, and those with limited incomes – with programs and resources to aid them in lowering and paying their bills when they’re in need.

The company offers a variety of programs, approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC), for Georgia senior citizens including a recently increased income-qualified senior citizen discount of up to $33.50. The discount is available to assist customers over the age of 65 who have an annual household income under $29,160. Customers are encouraged to see if they qualify for this discount here

“Our team knows how hard rising costs for goods and services can be for our state’s senior citizens and we’re committed to providing assistance and working with customers on their energy use and bills,” said Danny Johnson, Energy Assistance Manager. “In addition to our usual customer service channels, our teams are also out in communities across the state this summer, meeting with customers and helping them access information and programs.” 

In addition to the Senior Citizen Discount, Georgia Power offers income-qualified programs such as Energy Assistance for Savings & Efficiency (EASE), and partners with community action agencies across Georgia that offer services such as income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP), emergency assistance, home weatherization and more.  

Below are three simple energy tips Georgia senior citizens can use to help reduce the impact of summer heat on their energy costs. Find more useful tips at Efficiency.

  • Tune up the A/C: Have your A/C professionally serviced now to ensure it's running efficiently. At a minimum, change filters monthly (every 3-months for pleated filters) and trim nearby plants around the A/C units so they can receive proper air flow.
  • Think thermostat: Set your manual thermostat to 78°F in the summer for energy-efficient results or make use of features of programmable thermostats. Also using your ceiling fan can make your space feel 5°F cooler, keeping you comfortable and relaxed.
  • Can’t stand the heat? Cool down the kitchen: Reduce the temperature inside your home by using the microwave or an outdoor grill or smoker instead of indoor ovens and stoves.