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Linemen Appreciation Month: Celebrating the essential workers keeping Georgia powered

April is Lineman Appreciation Month in Georgia, and across the country, and Georgia Power is inviting customers, neighbors and friends to join us in thanking the thousands of linemen who work around the clock to keep the lights on.

Please take a moment to sign the digital thank you card:

Recognized as one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States, line workers often face challenging conditions in the field especially following severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes. In fact, lineworkers average 16 hour workdays during natural disasters.

Quote: “It takes hard work, careful attention, and years of training to fully master the role of a lineworker, and our best-in-class crews play a vital role in providing the energy on which our communities rely and keeping communities connected across Georgia. This Lineman Appreciation Month, we celebrate our lineworkers for the sacrifice, dedication, and strength that helps bring so many possibilities to life in our state. From me and everyone at Georgia Power Company working to support you across the state, thank you for all you do.” – Chris Womack, Chairman, President & CEO of Georgia Power

Other ways you can show your appreciation to line crews:

Say "Hello!"
Lineworkers are in our neighborhoods and communities every day, and it's the small gestures that really make them feel appreciated

Be understanding
Lineworkers are here to help, not harm. No matter how it may seem, they're always working in your best interest

Be cautious and courteous
When you see lineworkers on the job, stay clear for both your and their safety

If you are a member of the media, and interested in covering a day in the life of a line worker at Georgia Power, please email Georgia Power Media Relations or call 800-282-1696.