What is an outage?

An outage is when your lights go off and stay off for more than a few seconds. This can be caused for a variety of reasons, including storms, downed trees, or even a vehicle hitting a power line pole. Take a look at the following videos to find out what causes outages, and what Georgia Power does to protect and repair your power supply. 

What causes outages?


Trees are the most common cause of outages, and anything from a broken limb to a branch simply touching the line can cause a service interruption. Find out how Georgia Power handles these types of outages.


Did you know that animals – particularly squirrels – can affect your power supply? Learn more about the effects of wildlife on your electricity.

Snow / Ice

Snow and Ice can easily cause outages, particularly as the accumulation builds and weighs down both lines and trees alike. Find out more about how Georgia Power handles outages during ice and snow.


Dangerous and unpredictable, lightning can cause trees to fall or strike the line, causing an outage. Watch how lightning can affect your power supply.


From car crashes to a simple bump to a pole, vehicles can easily cause an outage to power supply. Learn more about how this can happen and how Georgia Power identifies and repairs these types of outages.


Cranes are important for construction and repairs, but they can also cause outages by accidentally tearing down or touching power lines. See how Georgia Power works to restore power after this kind of outage.


Occasionally, Georgia Power is not able to immediately determine the cause of an outage. Learn how Georgia Power restores power when the cause is unknown.

Underground Vehicle

Unfortunately, underground cables are susceptible to power outages, particularly when hit by a vehicle. See how Georgia Power equipment protects your home when accidents strike.

Underground Cut Cable

Underground cables are not immune to power outages, particularly when cut through digging. Find out how to avoid this when digging on your property and how see how Georgia Power protects your home when accidents strike.