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Surge Protection

Program Details and FAQs


Enrollment paused

As of January 1, 2024, we have stopped accepting applications or enrolling customers into the SurgeDefender program. We will update this page once we begin accepting applications again.

Program details

  • If you own a single-family home, townhouse or condominium, that’s individually metered with 200 amp or less service, and you live in Georgia Power’s service territory, then you are eligible for SurgeDefender™.
  • $9.95/month will be added to your monthly Georgia Power bill, making this an easy and affordable way to get peace of mind.
  • No service call charge and no deductible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SurgeDefender™?

SurgeDefender™ is a surge protection program administered by Georgia Power. The SurgeDefender™ device is a meter-based Underwriters Listed (UL) surge protector which is installed at the electric meter by a licensed independent electrical contractor.

Why do I need SurgeDefender™?

Power strips aren't enough to protect your home's motor-driven appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and air conditioners. Our surge protection device provides your home with a first line of defense against lightning-related or other damaging surges.

Why do I need protection for major motor-driven appliances?

We know that, over time, the internal working of appliances (motor windings) can break down and the quality of the circuitry can diminish as the appliance ages. Also, some newer appliances have incorporated more sensitive and sophisticated circuitry, which makes the need for surge protection even greater. The cost to repair even a simple appliance in many cases exceeds the cost to completely replace it. SurgeDefender™ is built to provide this type of protection. Please review the warranty information for SurgeDefender™ for coverage details.

Why get surge protection from Georgia Power?

We offer a high-quality, properly applied surge protection device that provides motor-driven appliance protection. Most point-of-use devices sold in stores provide limited protection to only those devices plugged into them. We will provide high-quality surge protection. If surges do breach the device, the protected equipment will be repaired or replaced because it is backed by an industry-leading manufacturer's warranty.

Do I still need point-of-surge protection?

Surges may enter the home through other means, such as a remote building (garage or workshop) electrically attached to the house, swimming pool pump, outdoor lights, etc. Because of this, the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) recommends the additional use of power strips to enhance protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

What are the eligibility requirements for Georgia Power SurgeDefender™?

  • Owns home, townhouse or condominium
  • Single-family residential customers living in individually metered home, townhouse or condominium
  • Single Phase 200 or less amp residential service entrance
  • Residential customer within Georgia Power service territory

Who does the installation?

Georgia Power hires licensed electrical contractors to install SurgeDefender™ and stands behind their installation services.

How long must I remain on the program? Is there a contract term?

SurgeDefender™ is a voluntary program. You can stay on the program as long as or as short as you wish. You may terminate your program at anytime and the monthly charges on your electric bill will stop on your next billing cycle; however, we encourage customers to try the program for at least 24 months and experience the benefits year round.

Who owns the SurgeDefender™ device?

The device is owned by Georgia Power Company and is provided to SurgeDefender™ customers per the terms and conditions delivered at installation, and shown on our website at  Georgia Power Company will remove the device when a customer terminates their participation in the program.

How can I know if SurgeDefender™ is working?

SurgeDefender™ has one red external light emitting diode, or LED, that is visible at day or night. When the LED is on, SurgeDefender™ is working.

How does the billing for this service work?

You are billed the SurgeDefender™ fee on a monthly basis. For your convenience, Georgia Power will include this monthly service charge on your GPC electric bill effective with the date of installation. If you have questions about specific SurgeDefender™ charges, call Georgia Power Service and Claim Center at 1-863-784-3165 and we will help answer any questions you have.

Is this a Lightning Protection System?

No.  SurgeDefender™ will not prevent lightning from striking your home. No product on the market will prevent lightning from striking a home nor will any product protect against lightning damage. However, SurgeDefender™ will cover any protected equipment damaged by a lightning induced surge that enters the home through the electric service the failure of the installed surge device.

Do surge suppressors protect against direct lightning strikes?

No. There is nothing that can protect against a direct lightning strike. However, about 95 percent of lightning-related damage to customer equipment is from "indirect" lightning strikes. Quality surge protection equipment is designed to block indirect strikes. SurgeDefender™ is designed to stop power surges from lightning that strikes the electrical system and passes through the transformer and the meter.

Do I have to be home for the installation?

No, unless your electric meter is inaccessible from outside. Your power will be disconnected for a brief period of time during installation. Electronic clocks will have to be reset after the installation is complete.

When does my protection begin?

As soon as the device is installed your SurgeDefender protection will be activated and will remain activated for as long as you are enrolled in the program. Installation occurs within 2-3 weeks from when you enroll in the program.

Is SurgeDefender™ Warranted?

Yes, every SurgeDefender™ device comes with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty for the device. Should the SurgeDefender™ device fail to work per specifications, the manufacturer’s warranty also provides for limited reimbursement for damages to a home’s major motor-driven appliances. The manufacturer’s warranty is limited to residential applications. Please review the warranty information for SurgeDefender™ for coverage details.

I want to file a claim because my appliance(s) was affected by a power surge. How do I do that?

Call the Georgia Power SurgeDefender Service & Claim Center at 1-863-784-3165.  There is no deductible to file a claim.

Do you pay for claims?

The SurgeDefender™ manufacturer provides the warranty for the device and is responsible for the reimbursement of some damages incurred to a home’s major motor-driven appliances if the SurgeDefender™ device fails to work per specifications.

It is important to note that SurgeDefender™ is not an insurance program. Because it is a surge prevention device, its real value is keeping the damage from occurring in the first place.

What’s the maximum claim reimbursement?

The manufacturer’s liability, per occurrence, will not exceed $5,000 to any one (1) specific appliance with a maximum of $100,000 over the life of the warranty.

Can I get a discount on my homeowners insurance?

Possibly, check with your insurance carrier.

Can this equipment be installed on any home?

Not at this time. Currently, the manufacturer offers only a 200-amp meter socket adapter. Other exclusions include apartments, farmsteads and homes not individually metered.

Service & Claims

SurgeDefender™ customers:

Please contact 1-863-784-3165 to file a claim.

Existing Premium Surge customers:

For service, terms and conditionswarranty or to file a claim, please call 1-800-403-9980.