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Customer Bill Credit

One-time credit on your March bill

Every day we work to run our business safely and efficiently because we understand that energy costs are an important part of any business' or family's budget  We have programs, resources, and rate plans available all year long to help save money and energy usage.

Based on our business performance, customers with active accounts during 2022 will receive a one-time credit on March bills (amount will vary based on energy usage).

Find ways to help you save money and manage your energy usage:

Savings tips

A few small tips can help increase your home’s energy efficiency and save costs in every room.

Find your rate plan

Which plan is best for you? Explore all our options and find the one that best fits your needs.

Energy-saving programs

Whether you’re building a new house or improving an older home, there are plenty of ways to save.

Find local assistance

Need help with rent, utilities, food, shelter, counseling, or other necessities? We can help you find it.

Save money & energy

Simple changes can help you improve your business’s energy efficiency as well as your bottom line.

Energy-saving programs

Our available rebates can help make energy-efficient upgrades more affordable, so you can start saving.

Billing & rate plans

We have plans for every type of business based on its size, and the amount of energy it needs to operate.

Thank you for being a valued customer