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Hosting Capacity Tool

All users must register to access the tool

What is the Hosting Capacity Tool?

The Hosting Capacity Tool (HCT) was developed as part of Georgia Power’s 2022 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) — a 20-year roadmap for how Georgia Power will continue to meet the energy needs of customers, local communities, and the State of Georgia.

The Hosting Capacity Tool is an interactive map showing an estimate of available capacity within Georgia Power’s service territory that will require minimal need for system upgrades. 

Please note: this tool is meant to provide a general idea of availability on the desired feeder, but it is not guaranteed and may change at any time. 

map example

This is a visual example of the Hosting Capacity Tool

Who should use the Hosting Capacity Tool?

The HCT will be most useful to distributed generation customers and developers evaluating installation of potential distributed energy resources (DERs) between 250 kW and 6 MW.

Why should I use this tool?

While the HCT may not account for all factors that could impact interconnection costs, it is designed to assist customers and developers evaluate sites that might be more feasible for their project.

For example: sites that are shown in areas with low available capacity may be less economical when compared to sites in an area shown as having higher available hosting capacity.

How do I access the tool?

All users must register annually to obtain a license, which will be valid for the calendar year in which they register.

The tool will be available through our Accion website for interested bidders. It will be located in the Confidential Interconnection Tools folder from the Documents tab in Accion.

What else do I need to know?

The hosting capacity shown on the map is based upon historical data that may not reflect current conditions. The HCT is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for the established interconnection application process. Regardless of the use of the HCT or Interconnection Guidance, all customers and generators who wish to install a DER must submit an interconnection application, undergo an interconnection study, and pay applicable interconnection costs.

The information available within the Hosting Capacity Tool is considered confidential and cannot be disclosed.  The Hosting Capacity Tool results can only be viewed within the tool after registering. Georgia Power is currently working to analyze and map Georgia Power’s distribution infrastructure by the end of 2023. As areas across the state are fully analyzed and mapped, the area will be uploaded into the Hosting Capacity Tool. Once the entire state is mapped within the Hosting Capacity Tool, the map will be updated annually.

Have questions about our hosting capacity tool?

Contact us with any general questions you have in regards to this tool.