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Flex RECs FAQs

Flex REC Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered about our Flex REC program.

Who can participate in the Flex REC program?

Customers whose monthly average energy usage is greater than 100,000 kWh and agree to the terms of a 12 month contract.

Do all RECs come from Georgia?

When procuring RECs, our first choice is always Georgia. However, based on current market prices and availability, that is not always possible. Our goal is to capture all RECs from the Southern region.

Do you provide documentation from retired RECs?

Yes, we provide customers with certificates from the North American Renewables (NAR) registry. RECs are tracked via serial number and are organized by renewable source and year procured.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is power that is harnessed from the sun. The solar energy we use for the Flex REC program is generated through photovoltaic (PV) systems that use semiconductor cells, or modules, that convert sunlight directly into electricity. The PV cells are connected in the form of flat panels and arrays of panels that can be mounted on the ground or on rooftops. The energy generated through the use of PV technology produces zero emissions.


Solar energy is electricity produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The use of solar can reduce environmental impacts from electricity generation. This makes solar electricity technology among the cleanest while having the least impact on the environment.

What is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC)?

Renewable energy credits or renewable energy certificates (RECs) are the intangible certifiable environmental attributes created with each megawatt hour of energy generated by a renewable asset. For every unit of renewable electricity generated, an equivalent amount of RECs is produced. With your purchase of Flex REC, you are helping increase the demand for renewable energy and encouraging the development of new renewable energy projects.

Is my purchase of Flex REC tax-deductible?

No. Purchases through our Flex REC program are not charitable contributions and therefore are not tax-deductible.

How do I know the energy is from a renewable source?

Our Flex REC program uses energy from renewable generation that meets the criteria approved by the Georgia Public Service Commission. Additionally, we purchases certified renewable energy credits (RECs) that meet specific environmental and consumer-protection standards.

Are RECs Green-e certified?

Currently we maintain a North American Renewables (NAR) registry account. NAR is a nationally recognized system that we use to accept ownership of, manage/track and retire unbundled RECs for customers participating in our Simple Solar and Flex REC program.

We can provide documentation of each serialized REC retired specifically on behalf of our Flex REC customers. Joining the Green-e certification process would increase program costs for our customers, which is why we have chosen not to participate.

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