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Flex REC

A new name with the same great benefits!

The Flex REC program is a Renewable Energy Credit (REC) purchase program for Georgia Power customers that use ≥ 100,000 kWh of electric energy in a single month. This program provides a tiered pricing structure for RECs that are sourced from solar, wind, and potentially other renewable sources.

Flex REC expands on and replaces Simple Solar Large Volume.

RECs are retired by Georgia Power on behalf of the customer.

Want to reduce your carbon footprint but cannot install solar panels or other renewable energy technology at your business?

1. We purchase energy + RECs

For every 1 MWh of renewable energy sourced, we also recieve a transferrable receipt called a REC.

2. You enroll in Flex REC

Receive a certificate every month valued at the amount of RECs purchased (up to 100% of your energy usage).

3. You claim the renewable energy

We retire the RECs on your behalf, and you claim the energy credits to help meet your sustainability goals.

Eligibility and Pricing Tiers

For the most accurate pricing quote, please reach out to our renewable specialists. The price of RECs is subject to change and can be confirmed at the time of a quote. Quotes are non-binding and are only finalized when a contract has been issued.

Tier 1
First 100,000 kWh @ 1.250¢/kWh
Tier 2
Next 150,000 kWh @ 1.000¢/kWh
Tier 3
Next 350,000 kWh @ 0.7500¢/kWh
Tier 4
Next 400,000 kWh @ 0.6250¢/kWh
Tier 5
All kWh >1,000,000 kWh @
Contracted Market Price +5%

Monthly Charge on Bill

An additional charge for Flex REC will appear on the customer bill every month.

Special Event Purchase Option

One-time purchases of RECs for a special event or occasion is available.