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Georgia Power offers energy-saving programs and resources ahead of summer heat to help reduce impact

With temperatures expected to reach 90 degrees starting this weekend, Georgia Power encourages customers to prepare for summer heat and take advantage of energy-saving tips and programs, free resources and tools to help minimize the impact of increased energy usage during the heat of summer on their electric bills.

Georgia Power is also reminding customers to review their current rate plan and select the one that best fits their budget and lifestyle. The company offers a variety of flexible and customizable rate plans to minimize the impact of higher temperatures and increased energy use on electric bills.

Additionally, the company offers energy assistance programs to those in need of help paying or reducing their monthly energy bill.

Tips, Tools & Resources

Whether customers own a home or rent, tailored tips are available at,  which also includes access to a free Online Energy Checkup and a variety of rebates and incentives for both homes and businesses.

Georgia Power’s My Power Usage program allows customers to track their daily energy use, project their monthly bill, and set daily or monthly usage alerts.

Simple tips focused on savings as the summer heats up, include:

  • Set it for the season: Set thermostats to 78 degrees and use fans to keep you feeling cooler. For every degree higher you maintain your thermostat, you can see up to a 3-4% decrease in energy use.
  • Feel the flow; free your filters: Clean or change your air filters monthly. Dirty filters can block airflow, making your system work harder to keep you comfortable. Clear spaces around your air returns and vents to prevent airflow blockage.
  • Phase out phantom energy loss: Unplug your electronic devices when not in use and use smart power strips. Consider energy-saving settings, which are often available on newer equipment and appliances.
  • Manage your spin cycle: When washing clothes, try to wash and dry full loads only, and in cold water.
  • Cool down the kitchen: Use your oven sparingly. Consider cooking options such as the microwave, slow cookers and outdoor grills.
  • Fill your fridge: Solids and liquids are easier to cool than air. Try to keep your refrigerator set to the temperature recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance.
  • Keep the heat out: Close your curtains and blinds during peak hours of the day to keep the sun’s heat out.

Choose the right plan for your budget and lifestyle

Georgia Power offers a variety of flexible and customizable rate plans to minimize the impact of higher temperatures and increased energy use on electric bills. Ensuring that you are on the most economical rate plan for your use is one of the most effective ways to keep your energy costs low.

Customers can explore Georgia Power rate plans at, including:

  • Smart Usage – This plan can provide savings by implementing small changes in how and when you use electricity. Electric appliances such as clothes dryers, ovens and dishwashers are some of the biggest energy users and, by using these appliances at different times, you can reduce your monthly energy bill. 
  • FlatBill® – This plan offers a 12-month fixed contract price that does not fluctuate when your power usage does – eliminating surprises and preventing higher bills during the summer months.
  • Plug-In Electric Vehicle (PEV) – A great option for electric vehicle (EV) drivers who can charge their EVs during nighttime hours and take advantage of lower-priced energy. 
  • Nights & Weekends – If you can shift when you use electricity during the summer months to the evening, the Nights & Weekends rate is for you. By changing when you wash dishes, do laundry or cool your home, savings add up annually.
  • PrePay – This plan allows you to pay as you go and add funds as needed. It requires no deposit, credit check or reconnection fees.
  • Pay by Day – Combines the control of PrePay with the certainty of a fixed daily price like FlatBill that allows you to lock in a fixed daily price over an entire year.
  • Residential Service – Georgia Power’s basic rate plan is available to all residential customers. This plan has a monthly base charge and a rate that changes based on your monthly usage and the time of year.

Energy Assistance Programs
Georgia Power partners with nonprofit, community and faith-based organizations to offer assistance programs to those in need. These programs include: 

  • The Salvation Army’s Project SHARE – Established in partnership with The Salvation Army, Georgia Power customers can provide assistance to residents in the same community for expenses, such as utility bills, housing, food and medical necessities.
  • Georgia Power’s Senior Citizen Discount – Georgia Power customers 65 years of age or older who meet the income requirements for eligibility can receive up to $24 a month off their bill.
  • Home Energy Efficiency Assistance Program - The Home Energy Efficiency Assistance Program helps eligible income-qualified customers make free energy efficiency improvements to their single-family home. At no cost to the customer, a program contractor performs the recommended energy efficiency upgrades. Customers can learn more and apply at
  • HopeWorks – HopeWorks and Georgia Power are offering senior residential customers valuable information on ways to save money on their energy bill while keeping their home comfortable and efficient.

Visit for more information.