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Online Energy Checkup

Got 15 minutes? Our quick and easy online energy checkup provides a customized report to help you understand your energy use and find ways to save money.

Log in so Energy Checkup can use your actual power bills to give you a customized report. You will enter information about your home and family to measure how you use energy.    

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Estimated Energy Checkup

Just need an estimate? With an Estimated Energy Checkup your energy use is based on average homes rather than your actual home.

You will be asked to enter information about your home and family to estimate how you use energy. For a more precise and personalized report, use our In-Home Energy Audit instead.

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Following the completion of your Online Energy Check-Up, should additional assistance be needed, consider submitting a request for an In-Home Energy Audit.    

In-Home Energy Audit

Learn ways to save up to 30 percent on your annual energy bill and find out about our home energy improvement programs and available customer rebates.

  • A free In-Home Energy Audit takes less than 45 minutes
  • Better understand how the weather affects your bill
  • Learn how your home uses energy
  • Gain tips on improvements that can help you save money and energy

* You must be a Georgia Power customer to be eligible and the in-home energy audit must be performed on a home served by Georgia Power.

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