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Outage Alerts

Stay informed during storm season. With outage alerts, you always know what's going on.

You can text the following to GAPWR (427-97)

REG — To sign up to receive Outage Alerts.

OUT — To report an outage using your smartphone.

STAT — To check if there is a reported outage for a particular account. You can do this instead of waiting for an outage notification.

PAUSE — To stop receiving outage notifications temporarily.

RESUME — To re-start messaging for an account.

STOP — To terminate text communications from Georgia Power. This is a permanent stop (unlike PAUSE, which is a temporary stop). Once this is done, you will need to re-register to start the communications again.

STOP ALL — To unsubscribe and stop receiving text messages from all accounts.

HELP — To obtain a list of text messaging keywords and the phone number to speak with a Customer Service Representative if you need assistance.

NICK — To apply a nickname to a particular account. You may assign a nickname such as: MOM, Lake, Home, Work.