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Integrated Resource Plan

Planning for tomorrow, today

We've filed our 20-year energy plan to prepare for Georgia’s future energy landscape – the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Our plan builds on a solid foundation to meet the needs of customers and our state, including a transition away from coal and a doubling of renewable/solar generation, among many other elements.

"At Georgia Power, we know that to continue to meet the changing needs of our customers we must prepare now to build the electric system and energy infrastructure of the future. We believe this IRP outlines how we will do that and how, working with the Georgia Public Service Commission, we will build upon the solid foundation we already have as the energy landscape continues to evolve. It demonstrates our commitment to making smart investments today, so that our customers can continue to have clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy for decades to come."

Chris Womack, Chairman, President and CEO of Georgia Power

Our 2022 IRP highlights multiple energy strategies, which will be reviewed and considered for approval by the Georgia Public Service Commission.

Transforming Georgia's Energy Sources

Long-term operation of coal-fired generation continues to be economically challenged.

We have requested to retire and decertify all Georgia Power-controlled coal units with the exception of Plant Bowen Units 3 & 4, which will continue to operate no later than 2035. Our plan includes the retirement of 12 total generation units, or more than 3,500 MW, by 2028. To facilitate this fleet transition, we would certify an additional 2,356 MW of capacity from natural gas power purchase agreements and significantly increase our renewable generation capacity.

Under current plans, we would expand our renewable resource portfolio, including solar, to approximately 11,500 MW by 2035, make significant investments in energy storage and our hydro fleet.

Reliability & Resilience Investments

Providing customers with reliable service is at the center of our business.

We are continuously investing in the power grid to make it smarter and more reliable. In the 2022 IRP, we have outlined additional investments and plans to continue to enhance the reliability and resilience of the state’s electrical grid system, including a multi-faceted approach developed to address future reliability needs associated with the retirement of coal units.

We have also identified long-duration storage, hydrogen, tall wind technologies and distributed energy resources as areas of potential investment.

Diverse, Flexible Customer Programs

Demand-side resources, such as energy efficiency programs and demand response programs, benefit customers and support system reliability by reducing energy use and managing demand during severe weather events.

The 2022 IRP offers a robust portfolio of these programs designed to provide significant value for all customers, including those facing income challenges. New programs proposed include Distributed Energy Resources customer program and Income-Qualified Community solar pilot.