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Making energy savings possible

Free home improvements for income-qualified seniors

HopeWorks helps qualified customers save money on their energy bill by providing free energy-efficient improvement to their homes.

To qualify, Georgia Power customers must be:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • Own and live in their home
  • Meet income eligibility requirements – What is this?

WATCH VIDEO: Learn how customers have benefitted from HopeWorks​.

Step 1

See if you qualify for free home improvement

Are you a Georgia Power customer, 60 years of age or older?

Do you own and are living in your home?

How many individuals are in your household?

Is your household income at or less than these amounts?

Size of Family Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $30,120 $2,510
2 $40,880 $3,407
3 $51,640 $4,303
4 $62,400 $5,200
5 $73,160 $6,097
6 $83,920 $6,993
7 $94,680 $7,890
8 $105,440 $8,787
* $10,760 $897
*For family units over 8, add the amount shown for each additional member.

We’re sorry.

Unfortunately, you do not meet the requirements for this program. However, you can find other resources available to you.

Find energy assistance

Congratulations! You may qualify for this program.

Please fill out your contact information and a member of the HopeWorks staff will reach out to you to complete your intake assessment between 9am-5pm EST.

Step 2

Eligibility Screening

Once you complete the assessment and interest form above, a representative will call you within 7–10 business days to discuss your participation eligibility.

Step 3

In-Home Assessment

If you are approved to participate, a representative will provide instructions to schedule your free in-home energy assessment.

Step 4

Improvements Made

At no cost to you, a certified contractor will perform the recommended energy efficiency upgrades to your home.

Free home improvements may include:

Improve attic insulation

Service central heating & air (HVAC)

Upgrade lights to LED bulbs

Seal heating & air ducts

Air seal gaps, cracks, & leaks

“The AC did not come on as often this summer. Now that it is cold, I have set the thermostat lower and still feel comfortable in the house. I also do not feel those drafts we use to feel. The house feels more comfortable.” 

– Mrs. Fricks from Rome, GA

“I can definitely tell a difference in how comfortable my home is now that it has been weatherized. Thank you, Georgia Power and HopeWorks, for the Weatherization Program and for the Energy Kit.” 

– Mrs. Brown from Brunswick, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

Is this really free?

All eligible services are provided for FREE for income qualified seniors.  

What would prevent my home from receiving services? 

We are unable to provide services to homes that have a health and safety issue. This includes but isn’t limited to issues such as roof leaks, mold or moisture, faulty wiring, and gas leak(s). Health and safety issues must be resolved before we can provide energy efficiency services. 

Can I participate in the program if I am a renter? 

No, to participate in the HopeWorks Program the senior must be the homeowner.  If you rent your you may qualify for the EASE Program more information at Please verify with your landlord their willingness to participate before applying. 

What are the qualifications to participate? 

  • You are a Georgia Power customer, 60 years of age or older.

  • You own and are living in the home.

  • Your household income meets the requirements¹ – How do I prove this?

2024 Guidelines:

Size of Family * Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $30,120 $2,510.00
2 $40,880 $3,406.67
3 $51,640 $4,303.33
4 $62,400 $5,200.00
5 $73,160 $6,096.67
6 $83,920 $6,993.33
7 $94,680 $7,890.00
8 $105,440 $8,786.67
* For a family over 8 persons, add $10,760 for each additional person per year.

¹ Georgia Power uses 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines in determining the income requirement.

For more information, please see the official document:
2024 U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines

Do you replace windows or doors?

No, the HopeWorks does not replace windows or doors. Approved measures are Attic Insulation, Air Sealing, Duct Sealing, LED Lighting or HVAC Servicing. 

We're here to help

If you have questions about the program, contact HopeWorks at 404-872-0167 ext. 1