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Buying an Electric Vehicle

Consumers today can choose between hybrid vehicles, which do not plug in, and plug-in electric vehicles, including plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles. Buyers should evaluate their own driving needs to determine how the different EV technologies can work for them.

Technology & Adoption Trends

Electric vehicle adoption rates have been soaring over the past few years as the battery technology allows longer distances to be traveled between charges. Auto manufacturers continue to announce new models, giving the consumer more choices than ever before. 

Adoption Rates in Georgia
Currently Georgia has more than 20,000 registered EV drivers across the state, and Atlanta is the highest ranked city in the Eastern United States for the number of publicly available EV charging stations.


EV Models Available Today

Just about every auto manufacturer has an EV on the market today. Many have more than one! Visit the showroom at GoElectricDrive to see them all. 


State Incentives

In Georgia, the state legislature ended the $5,000 credit for BEVs in 2016, but it is currently evaluating new incentives for vehicles and charging equipment. Georgia Power customers may be eligible to receive up to a $250 rebate for installing a Level 2 Charger in their home. 

Rebates are available through December 31, 2019.

Federal Incentives

All electric and plug-in hybrid cars purchased in or after 2010 may be eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. The credit amount will vary based on the capacity of the battery used to power the vehicle. Visit for more information. 

Small neighborhood electric vehicles do not qualify for this credit, but they may qualify for another credit.


Featured Rebate

EV Charger Install Rebate
$250 for a Level 2 charger

Georgia Power customers may be eligible to receive up to a $250 rebate for installing a Level 2 Charger in their home. Submit a rebate request form with a copy of paid installation and charger invoice(s) within 60 days after the EV charger has been installed. To learn more about the rebate program, click here. For detailed terms & conditions, click here.

Download Rebate Request Form

Expires December 31, 2021