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Plant Scherer

Plant Scherer began commercial operation in 1982 in Monroe County, Georgia. The four coal-fired units are capable of producing nearly 3,720 MW of electricity.

Ash Pond Dewatering Plan

The company prepares and submits an ash pond dewatering plan to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division for its approval. The ash pond dewatering plan for Plant Scherer was approved by EPD in March 2023. This site-specific plan identifies the enhanced water treatment system, controls and monitoring that will be used during the process to ensure that the water discharged is protective of water quality standards.

CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

Georgia Power submitted CCR permit applications to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division in November 2018. The documents provided herein represent the approved permit(s) or current submittals as of May 2023 still under EPD review and the link to the final EPD approved CCR permit and documents will be provided upon permit issuance.




The CCR solid waste permit has been issued for Landfill. Please refer to the permit and supporting documents which reflect the approved plans for the site.

Additional information will be provided as it becomes available or as it is required.